Arabic Verbs Made Easy




 "A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language" is the best book we have come across for studying Arabic without a teacher. You can find the book here: or here:  or you can download a PDF version here.

In this section we provide audio files to help memorize the vocabulary and also answer keys for the individual exercises. You can download these files onto your ipod or mp3 player for studying. The creative common license applies.  This work is free to use for educational purposes.

What's unique about this book is that it gives vocabulary and a small selection to read in every chapter.  If a person follows through to the end of the book, he will have had been exposed to over 4,000 words! it has a wide selection of passages  taken from the Qur'an, fables, stories, newspaper extracts, proverbs, ads and letters.   This book forms an excellent foundation for the study of the Arabic language.


ChapterNew YouTube

Vocabulary  and Exercises (English to Arabic and Vice Versa)

 2 (Pages 22-26  


 3 (Pages 27-32)

 4 (Pages 33-39)

 5 (Pages 40-49)  

 6 (Pages 50-56)  


 7 (Pages 57-62)  

 8 (Pages 63-70)
 9 (Pages 71-79)    
 10 (Pages 80-85)
 11 (Pages 86-93)    
 12 (Pages 94-102)